The Untold Truth of Shameless

The Untold Truth of Shameless:

Shameless was an original show from The U.K. and has been redone to attract an audience in the United States. The first season aired on Showtime on January 9th 2001. If you haven’t seen Shameless it’s definitely on my list of shows you must watch! Shameless is like a better version of Trailer Park Boys, considering TPB is self funded, and not picked up on a major network, like Shameless. If you haven’t seen Shameless, it’s basically the most degenerate show you will ever see, but it’s degenerate in a good way. Loads of cursing, drinking, drugs, and sex.Every episode is exciting, and gets more entertaining than the last. You build a bond with Characters like Fiona, Frank, Lip, Debbie, Ian and Lliam. The shameless is currently working on season 8, which should be just as epic as the last 7 seasons. four TV shows you must Binge Watch, click here.

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