UITA DD Package

UITA DD Package

Utilicraft Aerospace Industries: UITA

UITA has seen quite an increase in volume as of late and here is why,

Cancellation of going private.

increase in volume

closed up 50%

BULLISH breakout potential similar to UHLN and Enum

Outstanding Shares 180,993,552

Last 8k 8k June 16th 2017

Initiated a buy by barcharts. recently rated at an 80% buy by barcharts as seen here.

The one year chart.

1 month chart

15 day chart

– William Volume Accumulation: Bullish

If you don’t understand technical chart readings you can get a better grasp of what is going on by watching the video below!

Company Profile:
Utilicraft Aerospace Industries Inc is focusing its business-plan development efforts to actively seeking new strategic aerospace products for development, related to the enhancement of the Freight Feeder aircraft in the air-cargo markets worldwide.

The company is due for a huge bounce in terms of a technical aspect in our opinion. The support levels are at 0015 and if the stock hits 0022 this could be a a breakaway, play with enough buying pressure involved. Don’t be surprised if this goes above 004 and beyond.


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UITA DD Package

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