Mutant Football League Review

So you saw the game Mutant Football League at the store and you were curious if it’s any good, or just a lousy excuse for football, right? Well let us tell you how freaking epic, awesome and stellar this game truly is. To begin Mutant Football League is basically a modern day Blitz if you remember the late 90s classic where you could run around and demolish your friends in game play. Mutant Football League is exactly that. It packs an explosive punch, that will keep you enthralled for more.
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You can watch how ecstatic the game play is below!

The teams are a variation of different creatures, you have trolls, robots etc. The entire game is basically a parody of the NFL. Teams like the Hatriots, the Evils Blitzburg Steelheads (Pittsburgh Steelers)
Cardinal Sins (Arizona Cardinals)
Croakland Invaders (Oakland Raiders; All-Skeletons)
Deadlanta Vultures (Atlanta Falcons)
Galaxy Chaos (All-Aliens)

Grim Bay Attackers (Green Bay Packers)
Insane Cults (Indianapolis Colts)
Leaveland Burns (Cleveland Browns)
there’s a few of the teams so catch my drift. The game will have you laughing, and yelling at your T.V. screen all at the same time.

One of my favorite parts about the game is you can actually KILL players! Yes, you know how bad you hate Tom Brady right? Well, Mrs. Shady can now be devoured, stomped, and killed! The carnage in this game is crazy!
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If you are an achievement hunter Mutant Football League is one of the easiest games to get all 1,000 achievements. I was able to secure 11/14 achievements after roughly 3 hours of play. The longest achievement to get in the game is the 1,000 kills. This will take some time, however if you play 5 minute quarters and turn the carnage all the way up, you will be able to kill players much easier.. Keep in mind that your players will also die just as quick.

Overall the game is epic as a whole and probably one of my favorite independent games. If you are into football with a mix of fantasy definitely pick this up.
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