mang da

Maeng Da (Kratom)

A lot of people just assume kratom is well, kratom, but there’s different strands of kratom. Here we will be discussing what is the Maeng Da strand of kratom. This particular strand is genetically engineered. Meaning scientists genetically engineer the plant by removing a gene from one organism and transfer that gene to a different organism (or different variety) using recombination DNA methods. As you can see this is pretty complex. The leaves in turn are greener which creates a much darker powder from other strands. Maeng Da is known as the strongest of all strands it’s the most euphoric and can be felt with only two grams. In higher dosages it gives a more sedative effect In lower dosages you may feel more focused, relaxed, relief from anxiety, and just all around happier. They say kratom is bad for you, but this is simply not the case the drug companies which produce heavier chemical compounds say these things to keep their product at the top of the line.


As always use caution while taking any kratom. Just because it’s a plant doesn’t mean you can ingest as much as you want. The highest known use of Maneng Da I’ve seen is 25 grams which is extremely high, and will probably leave you with an upset stomach. You also have to find a reliable provider because some people are out there just trying to make a quick buck. You can find Maeng Da in capsules, powder and sometimes liquid. I wouldn’t buy the powder unless you plan on measuring it out yourself (or if you have a scale to measure it out) then you can take it as a tea, or cap it your self. If you buy the already capsuled Kratom prepare to pay top dollar for Maeng Da and be prepared to pay even more at a head shop (smoke shop) If you are cheap (like me) You will look for a quality source online. If you’re looking to use paypal to buy your kratom I believe there’s only one vendor (only one vendor that I found anyways) Most except any other form of payment though.

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