what exactly is bali kratom

What exactly is Bali kratom?

This strand of kratom is one of the most sought after kratom’s behind maeng da.
typically bali comes on a lot stronger, but it doesn’t last as long as other strands. If you can find a good vendor It is without a doubt the strain that offers the most for pain management and for people who are trying to use it for opiate withdrawals, or to switch to from traditional synthetic pain medications. Bali can be sedative as well, even more so than most other strains in similar doses. Most of bali kratom has been sourced from Borneo (and to a smaller amount Sumatra) it was a vendor on the island of Bali that made it available to the states. Thus why it’s called “Bali”.
While I find taking kratom too late in the day leads to problems sleeping (even with very sedating strains) I know it has helped others with sleep insomnia. (usually it depends on the dosage, you have to read logs and find out what’s best for you.) kratom 2
Its not the most potent strain of kratom, or the longest lasting, but it does have a much better price (from most vendors I’ve seen about 5-8 dollars cheaper) and for all of its great applications its one of the best to buy.

All the white and green vein kratom strands are going to be more stimulating. However, they can give you a rush of euphoria and In higher doses it can switch over from stimulating to even sedative. with that being said it’s good to play around and find what is best for you, You can also blend/mix strands together.

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